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The Gross National Debt

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NewsWatch - Tuesday, April 12, 2005

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration will be at the Braswell Memorial Library, Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 7:15PM. Make an effort to get out and listen to what William has to say regarding the illegal immigration that is part of the downward spiral of America and what you can do to stop it.

Americans for Legal Immigration
FEMA Helped Pay For Too Many Funerals, Figures Show

Florida officially recorded 123 fatalities from last year's hurricanes, but the federal government has paid funeral expenses for at least 315 deaths, including those of a man who shot himself and a stroke victim hospitalized more than a week before the last storm hit. - Sun Sentinell
Truckers Mount Gas Price Protest in C. Florida

Dozens of truck drivers held an overnight protest of rising gas prices today in the middle of the Bee Line Expressway in the Orlando area, according to FLORIDA TODAY news partner WKMG Local 6 News. - Florida Today

$7,782,816,546,352 in Debt

Regardless of how it is sliced and diced, we are looking at an annual deficit of $368 billion this year and a 10-year projected deficit on $1.35 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. CBS

Where Does Your Tax $$ Go?

This year, the federal government will spend more than $2.5 trillion on a variety of programs, from national defense to social aid. In this week’s PARADE, investigative reporter David Wallechinsky looks inside the federal budget and details how Congress actually spends our tax dollars. Following are several additional federal programs Americans help pay for. Also, Wallechinsky answers some frequently asked questions about the deficit and how the public can influence government spending.
Wages Lagging Behind Prices

Inflation has outpaced the rise in salaries for the first time in 14 years. And workers are paying a bigger share of the cost of their healthcare. For the first time in 14 years, the American workforce has in effect gotten an across-the-board pay cut. - LA Times
Minuteman Project - Day Nine, On Scene Report

Day Nine and illegal alien apprehensions are still way down. Locally, traffic has shifted away from the Naco Line, moving eastwards towards Douglas and westward to the Huachuca Mountains and beyond to the San Rafael Valley. There are also reports of more traffic heading towards Nogales and the Tohono Oíodham reservation. -
Americans Must Have Passports To Visit Canada Soon

The U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that, by 2008, Americans returning home from Mexico, Canada, Panama and Bermuda must have a passport in order to get back in. Currently, U.S. citizens returning from these countries don,t need this document. -
Immigration Letter To A Congressional Representative

Are you as an American citizen ready to spit nails about illegal immigration? You aren't alone. Millions of Americans have had it up to their eyeballs with illegal immigration. It's no longer immigration; it's an invasion by the Third World. The line never ends. Illegals assault our country in every state, community, hospital, school and home. We're angry. - NewswithViews/Frosty Wooldridge
LexisNexis Data On 310,000 People Feared Stolen

Data broker LexisNexis said Tuesday that personal information may have been stolen on 310,000 U.S. citizens, or nearly 10 times the number found in a data breach announced last month.

Russia, France Sign Launch Pad Agreement

Russian and French space officials signed a $448 million deal Monday to build a new South American launch pad for sending Russian rockets into space.

US-Israeli Relations at Lowest Point in Years

U.S. officials said relations between Jerusalem and Washington have been strained at both the defense and political levels. They said the Bush administration has been increasingly estranged from the Israeli government amid repeated misunderstandings between leaders, rising U.S. skepticism over Israel's ability to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank and the growing perception that Israel has hampered U.S. policy goals in the Middle East.—Middle East Newsline

U.S. Audit Probes $212 Mln in Halliburton Iraq Work

U.S. oil services giant Halliburton Co. may have overcharged by at least $212 million to get fuel to Iraqi civilians under a no-bid deal with the U.S. military, said Pentagon audits released on Monday.California Rep. Henry Waxman, a leading critic of Halliburton's work in Iraq, released portions of audits by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) that identified overcharges and questioned costs for fuel delivered in Iraq by Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown & Root in 2003 and 2004

Rumsfeld Visits Iraq to Press New Leaders

The leaders of Iraq's emerging new government must not allow "turbulence or incompetence or corruption" to slow or foil progress toward building democracy and defeating the insurgency, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said. Rumsfeld was meeting later Tuesday with Interim President Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish former rebel leader, and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Shiite Muslim who was designated interim prime minister last week

BASF, Gazprom Deepen Cooperation In Energy Supply

BASF, the world's biggest chemical company, and Russian gas giant Gazprom strengthened ties on Monday when they signed two major contracts on the production, transport and marketing of Russian gas to Germany.Signed in the presence of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Hanover Messe industrial trade fair, the agreement was a "memorandum of understanding" regarding the expansion of joint activities -Industry Week

The energy ties that bind India, China

Though Indian External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh's careful "suggestions" about democracy got all the press play during his recent visit to Myanmar, the Dawei deepsea port and other measures to strengthen India-Myanmar economic relations were no doubt discussed.As both India and China move to secure their energy and economic futures, they are developing infrastructure that opens significant new potential for economic cooperation and security -Ramtanu Maitra/Asia Times


America cannot survive any more presidents who represent a world government, but that's exactly what will happen in 2008 if the American people don't mobilize now.Not tomorrow.Not next year and certainly not six months before the election.Now.I made some observations to Michael Peroutka that I would like to share with you -Devvy Kidd/NewsWithViews

Top US Scientists Urge Halt to Funding for Missile Defense Deployment

A group of top US scientists, including nine Nobel Prize winners, called on Congress to stop funding deployment of interceptor missiles for a controversial ground-based missile defense system, saying it was incapable of defending against a real attack.In a letter, they said the funding should be eliminated until the system can be shown to work through tests that mimic real-world conditions

Bush rewards his failures

After mouthing pious verities about needing better intelligence, the commission, appointed by President George W. Bush, amazingly found: (a) No one was really guilty of the Iraq intelligence fiasco; and (b) there was no White House political pressure on the intelligence community to justify the war.So the mighty Niagara of whitewash flows on -Eric Margolis/Toronto Sun CA

Nominee Reacts Mildly to Democrats' Barbs

Bolton once asserted that he wouldn't mind if U.N. headquarters in New York lost 10 floors.After yesterday's confirmation hearing, he probably wouldn't object if a similar fate were to befall the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.But whatever anger the questioning provoked in Bolton, he didn't let it show; he replied with mild sentiments, half-hearted excuses and convenient amnesia, but not his legendary temper.He even praised the secretary general, the conservatives' nemesis -Washington Post

Senate Confirms Bush Judicial Nominee Crotty

Paul Crotty, an attorney who has worked with top Democrats and Republicans, on Monday became the first of President Bush's 20 renominated judicial nominees to win Senate confirmation.On a bipartisan vote of 95-0, the Republican-led Senate approved Crotty for a seat on the U.S. district court in the state of New York

As Syria Pulls Out, Lebanon Again in Flux

Plans for a new government were delayed Monday as consensus eludes both camps.--Christian Science Monitor

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