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NewsWatch - Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Violent Latino Terrorist Gang (MS-13) Threatens American Minuteman Protestors!

It looks like there is going to be a "showdown at OK corral" on April 1st in Tombstone, Arizona. A high level leader of the Mara Salvatruchas, Ebner Anivel Rivera-Paz, has issued orders, from federal prison, to members of his extremely violent organization to teach the Minutemen vigilantes a lesson they will never forget, La Voz de Aztlan has learned. - ALIPAC.US
Freedom Ain't Free: It's $2.57 Trillion Per Year

Is it just me, or does it sound like many seem to equate freedom with government, and especially government in the act of murdering people?

Freedom isn’t free, say the realists, the non-naïve grownups who think that the ideas of anarchy or even libertarianism are fantastic utopian dreams and nothing more. - Strike-The-Root.com

Man Tasered By Police In Salad Bar Dispute

Aurora police have reviewed a weekend incident in which a man accused of stealing salad from a Chuck E. Cheese salad bar was hit with a stun gun twice by officers and said that proper procedures were followed. - TheDenverChannel
Oil breaks over $53 as gasoline climbs new peak

U.S. crude oil prices rose to a fresh four-month high over $53 a barrel Wednesday as refinery problems in Texas propelled gasoline up to an all-time peak. - Reuters
China charges U.S. monopolizes the Internet, seeks global control

China's ambassador to the United Nations last week called for international controls on the Internet. - World Tribune
CFR Member - Recruit Foreigners To US Military

With the Army and Marines having trouble maintaining their ranks, it's time to sign up aliens - even illegal aliens - as volunteers

Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, where this first appeared. - Rense.com
Stealing Our Privacy And Ruining Lives

What's your name? Address? Phone and other contact numbers? What's your income? Business interests? Investments? How about that Social Security number – and while we're at it, driver's license number? Those bank and security account numbers would be nice, and computer and other passwords, too. - WorldNetDaily.com
World Market Could Be Hurt as Severe Coal Shortage Worsens in China

China's breakneck economic growth is causing a dangerous shortage of its most important energy source coal, with potential consequences for the entire world, state media warned. - Yahoo Finance
Income Dips, Spending Flat

Consumer spending about in line with analysts' forecasts; inflation reading worries bond market.

Qwest-MCI Merger May Cost 15,000 Jobs

Qwest Communications would cut as many as 15,000 jobs if it succeeds in acquiring the long-distance phone company MCI, more than double the reduction planned by Verizon Communications in its deal to buy MCI. - IHT
Dress Rehearsal for a Dollar Deluge

Tuesday's sell-off was a test run of the problems that will erupt when foreign investors refuse to finance our debt binge and home owners stop their own binge. - MSN

Homelessness Plagues Many U.S. Veterans

Harleigh Marsh was tough enough to scrape ice from the frozen deck of a Navy aircraft carrier in the North Atlantic. Smart enough to strip and rebuild a cockpit. And responsible enough to maintain survival gear for pilots. So when he found himself homeless six years ago, he figured he could handle it. -

Detention Of American Is Defended

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales yesterday strongly defended the Bush administration's decision to detain alleged al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla for more than two years without criminal charges, arguing that the government has the right to hold alleged enemy combatants in the war on terrorism "for the duration of hostilities." -Washington Post

Governors at Odds With Bush Over Medicaid

The National Governors Association winter meeting concluded yesterday with the state leaders, President Bush and Congress far apart on how to control the rapid rise in Medicaid spending. Despite four days of negotiations, the conference ended much as it began -- with governors of both parties willing to restructure the health program for 53 million Americans, but strongly opposed to Bush's proposed budget reductions -Washington Post

State Churches? Supreme Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas believe...

Supreme Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas believe the U.S. Constitution allows States to establish official Churches. Is this our future? -Intervention Magazine

Bush has clear run at Syria

As long as the vast majority of Democrats are afraid to appear "soft" toward the Syrian dictatorship and as long as so few progressive voices are willing to challenge the Democrats, Bush appears to have few obstacles in his way should he once again choose to lead the country to war -Stephen Zunes/Asia Times

Backed into a corner and weaker than ever, but don't underestimate Bashar Assad

Although it suspects Damascus of double-dealing over Iraq, the US also knows an overtly hostile Syria could make matters much worse for its occupation forces.This US ambivalence is reflected in its decision to omit Syria from its "outposts of tyranny" and "axis of evil" lists of rogue regimes.While Mr Assad has never appeared weaker and may be forced into further concessions, he is far from out of the game -Simon Tisdall/Guardian UK

Cornering the dragon

When newly appointed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Porter Goss recently warned that China's modernization of its military posed a direct threat to the United States, was it standard budget time scare tactics, or did it signal the growing influence of hardliners in the administration of President Bush who want to "contain" China and reinstitute the Cold War in Asia? -Conn Hallinan/Asia Times

China fuels energy cold war

China, which has been a net oil importer since 1993, is the world's number two oil consumer after the US and has accounted for 40% of the world's crude oil demand growth since 2000. Nevertheless, in the face of sporadic power shortages, growing car ownership and air travel across China and the importance of energy to strategically important and growing industries such as agriculture, construction, and steel and cement manufacturing, pressure is going to mount on China to access energy resources on the world stage -Chietigj Bajpaee/Asia Times

Leading Figure of Venezuela’s 2002/2003 Oil Industry Shutdown Arrested

Venezuela’s investigative police arrested fugitive labor leader Carlos Ortega in the early hours of Tuesday morning. A prominent leader of Venezuela’s opposition to President Hugo Chávez, Ortega has been wanted by the Venezuelan police since 2003 on charges of treason and civil rebellion -Venezuelanalysis.com VE

U.S. Military Presence near Venezuela Raises Concerns

Venezuela’s Armed Forces are closely watching the unannounced presence of U.S. military vessels near the Caribbean island of Curacao, which was detected early Monday.The United States is also conducting military exercises in the Caribbean island of Trujillo, along with Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras, according to the Prensa Latina news agency -Venezuelanalysis.com VE

Uruguay Inaugurates First Leftist Leader

A doctor took office as Uruguay's first socialist president Tuesday, joining the ranks of left-leaning leaders in Latin America - now six in all - governing a majority of the region's people with a cautious approach to U.S.-backed free-market policies.Vazquez, elected Oct. 31 to replace Jorge Batlle, is part of a reinvorgorated - but far less ideological - leftist movement in Latin America whose leaders have come to power amid economic turmoil.He took the oath of office for his five-year term with many of South America's new generation of leftists leaders looking on

Suit Alleges Rumsfeld Approved Torture

Two U.S. human rights groups on Tuesday sued Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, saying he first authorized and then failed to stop torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.The American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights First filed suit in federal district court in Rumsfeld's home state of Illinois on behalf of eight former detainees who said they were severely tortured.The ACLU filed similar complaints against three other senior officers: Col. Thomas Pappas, Gen. Janis Karpinski and Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez on behalf of prisoners mistreated at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

The Spread of Anti-Americanism

A 2005 review of Pew Global Attitudes Project findings: Anti-Americanism is deeper and broader now than at any time in modern hi. (.pdf file)

Saddam Hussein's Judge Assassinated

The presiding judge in Iraq overseeing the trial of former dictator Saddam Hussein has been assassinated. According to NBC News, Judge Raid Juhi al-Saadi, 35, was gunned down as he left his home in Baghdad.

Rice Pressures Syria Over Lebanon Presence

The United States called for an immediate end to Syrian military and political dominion over neighboring Lebanon on Tuesday, applying its strongest pressure to date.

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